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What is HUNY-B CBD?

Our line of products was developed after years of experimentation with Herbs and Essential Oils. Treating the skin, our body’s largest organ, seemed like the thing to do the more we found out about the powers of Essential Oils. Once legal CBD became available, adding it just made sense. They say necessity is the mother of invention and in our case that is absolutely true.

What we know of our product comes from countless hours of use on ourselves and involves numerous testers. Our results with the liniments blew us away.  We are so proud of the way our products turned out.  
We wanted to achieve an all natural product that actually gives relief and improves the health of your skin. We believe that is exactly what we have done. Our family and friends agree also. Check out the testimonial section of our website. We were floored by the positive responses. We are also on Facebook and look forward to seeing you there.
When you use our products, you are joining a family of people with the good sense to treat their skin with care.  We invite you to browse our site and find the products that are right for you and your loved ones.

About Our Company

We are a company founded on the basis of family, friendship and hope. The love we have for our family and the friendship we have with each other. The hope we have is for everyone. We felt a need in our lives to be a positive influence on the environment, our society, and those in need.

We work to carry out these core principles by using recyclable materials, sourcing such materials for our use when and where we can. We are developing work areas for children with Autism simply because it has hit those we love. We believe in saving the bees. We include the lab report to ensure that we are not using products treated with pesticides. As we grow, our efforts will grow.

But first we have to provide a product worth buying. No product is worth selling if you don’t use it yourself. We and quite a few of our friends enjoy the benefits of our products. There are different lines for different purposes. Designed with an eye towards providing whatever benefits exist in the top quality ingredients we use.

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