CBD and Sciatic Nerve Pain

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May 28, 2019

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Belinda Gates
Everyone that has had Sciatic Nerve Pain can testify that it is no joke.  The Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in your body and can be extremely painful.  You can have pain across your lower back or you can have it shoot down your leg.  But, wherever the pain is located you will be looking for relief.  That is why there are so many studies that concentrate on Sciatic Nerve Pain. After a little research, here is what we found out about CBD and Sciatic Nerve Pain.
  • One very important thing to remember is that we are prohibited from making any claims about CBD by the FDA. However, we can reference other studies and articles.

One study showed results that indicated CBD helped alleviate nerve pain to some degree in all the participants. Link to information on research. Follow the link and you will see that this article provides the information we are giving to you. Always remember that one study does not establish a fact. It must be peer reviewed and there must be an ability to replicate the results of any such study. However, I can tell you from my personal experience that our CBD Liniment has drastically helped my bouts with Sciatica.

The main goal of this research was to see how much CBD would need to be used to potentially offer pain relief for sciatic nerve pain.

Group 1- We asked 25 candidates to take 100 mg a day for three days, then reduce to 60 mg a day for 10 days, then switch down to as little as 20 mg a day for the remaining of the three month trial.

Group 2- We asked 25 candidates to take 200 mg for two days, then reduce to 100 mg for 10 days, then switch down to 20 mg a day for the remaining of the 3 month trial.

Administration Instructions- For best results hold the oil under the tongue for as long as possible, at least 1 minute before swallowing. This is a very important step as it allows the main arteries to absorb the CBD before the body filters it out. When using capsules allow the capsule to melt under the tongue.

Some of our candidates did not like the taste of the oil therefore they swallowed the capsule whole. This did slow down the absorption rate, therefore reducing the effectivity of the CBD within the system.

Both dosage amounts resulted in a significant reduction in pain. The main difference was the time scale for the CBD to take effect.

Group 1-The candidates that had taken 100 mg over 3 days, started feeling pain relief within 96 hours.

Group 2 -The candidates that had taken 200 mg over 2 days, started feeling pain relief with 48 hours.

Therefore the candidates that had taken 100 mg for 3 days had slower results than those on a higher dose.

The candidates in group 1 reported that the pain reduced considerably however would still experience short spells of pain. The candidates in group 2 experienced a consistent reduction in pain. Both groups experienced the same level of pain relief once they had reached the 20 mg a day mark. Link to same article from which this quote was extracted.

The people doing this research are MDRlab. They found that CBD helped relieve Sciatica nerve pain in three ways. First, it relaxes the muscles around the aggravated nerves. It relieves some of the pressure on the nerve (needless to say on a Bone on Bone nerve pinch this aspect would not apply). Secondly, they believe that the development of the CB1 and CB2 receptors helped in some way to alleviate pain.

I have seen other studies that suggest this “development” has a synergistic effect with other receptors in the body helping reduce pain.The exact mechanism as to how this works has never been broken down to my satisfaction. You can look here for more technical information from a study cited in the main article.  And lastly, they state that it reduces inflammation. For citation follow either of the two links above, in fact it is a darn good article which is well written, you should read it fully.

As we can see from the article and the information provided by it, that there is a significant correlation between CBD and the reduction of nerve pain. Further research is needed to confirm these results, but I personally have no doubt on their findings based on my personal experience. I guess the most exciting thing about this article is that it concludes that those who used CBD experienced long term pain relief. The extent of the validity of this statement begs for further research to establish this information as facts which can be touted in the sale of CBD products.

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