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May 17, 2019

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Belinda Gates
     CBD Oil and other CBD products have become a booming business! That means there are a lot of companies out there trying to ride the CBD train all the way to the bank.  But, like every industry there are products that are not worth buying. People are buying these products because you want them to work. Everyone expects them to work! You expect to get the CBD that you pay for. The only way you can tell if the product that you are buying has CBD in it is by lab reports. That is why CBD lab reports are so important. That is why we think they are important.
The type of lab reports we use:
     We use two types of lab reports. The first measures the purity of the active ingredient CBD and ensures that the ingredient is as pure as possible and completely free of impurities. Why is this important? Lets say that you live in a jurisdiction that has outlawed any amount of THC. It would not matter the source (we source exclusively from Hemp in accordance with the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill.).   Therefore without your knowledge the vial of CBD product contains THC. If that is the case then that jurisdiction can add the weight of all the other ingredients to determine the amount of “illegal” product you have. By ensuring the purity of the CBD we protect you from any such prosecution. But that is only the first step.
     Secondly, we test for the potency of our product. It shows the amounts of the various cannibinoids present in our product. We average an excess of CBD and ZERO THC. These lab reports are available for download and are provided to wholesale buyers as a matter of course. It is also important to screen for THC at the end stage because we use Hemp Seed Oil in a lot of our products and it can contain trace amounts. Again, our reports show Zero THC in our products.
    Deal with a company that not only believes in the quality of their product, but that is willing to back it up with certified testing. That way you know you’re getting your monies worth!
   To check out our CBD lab reports got our FAQ’s

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