E Coli and Essential Oils

     E coli has become more of a problem in recent years. Indeed, there are some strains that have developed a resistance to antibiotics, and, indeed, one strain actually releases what is known as the Shiga Toxin which is lethal in response to anti-biotics. (Citation, direct link)
     Obviously, we need a toolbox of effective countermeasures to deal with this threat. It has been shown that certain Essential Oils are effective against staph and e coli. Read the report here.Specifically, this report focuses on Eucalyptus oil. With exposure of people to drug resistant e coli carried by birds in this modern age of jet travel there is a higher degree of continued spread of this super bug. (Citation, direct link)
     How do you catch e coli? About 85% of the e coli transmissions are from contaminated food. A lot of the transmission is caused by improper hygiene after using the bathroom. (Citation, direct link) It is further spread from physical contact or, even off of surfaces such as the floor at the hospital.
     It is our sincere hope that the liniments, bath bombs, and lotions with Eucalyptus and other essential oils will help protect you from infection by malicious organisms.

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