Sativa Delight 1000 mg CBD Oil THC Free

Sativa Delight 1000 mg CBD Oil  is a great option for those with minor pains. By choosing to use 1000 mg CBD, you may be nourishing your brain and improving your health, all in one. Our CBD 1000 mg tincture can offer many great benefits.  This is our medium dosage and is great for aches and pains and other health issues.

Pure natural ingredients ensure high quality and safety in all of our Sativa Delight CBD Oils.





Many of our customers buy 1000 mg CBD oil but do not configure the dosage correctly. A full dropper is approximately 32 mg.  Rule of thumb is for the proper dosage of CBD is 1 - 6 mg per CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on the individual's need or pain, but could need more. Check out our Sativa Delight 2500 mg if larger dosage is needed. 

We are not Doctors and you should probably consult a Doctor when starting a CBD regimen. For some good dosage information we have found that CBD Origin  is a good place to start.  However, we took it and adjusted the dosage based upon the effects that we experienced.

Find out what the  Mayo Clinic says about CBD and the dosage. It talks about the CBD dosages and effects for Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders Traumatic Brain Injury, Seizure Disorders, Cancer, Pain, Headaches and Migraine, Anxiety Disorders and much more. You can also check out our Educate Yourself™

Research says that CBD oil, provides some of the most diverse and effective health benefits found in all of nature. Of course, you should do your research and see which dosage may be able to help your specific condition or symptoms. People all over the world are praising the use of CBD products for a wide variety of ailments, aches, and pains.

Always consult your physician first if you have a medical condition or are taking any medications before consuming  CBD oil! Our CBD Tinctures are known to be safe, but you should always clear a new addition to your regimen with your doctor first. 

  • Use 1 dropper full of 1000 mg CBD oil one to two times daily or as needed.
  • Simply enjoy your oil by dropping it directly on to the tongue or under the tongue.  You may hold under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds for a faster effect.
  • Make sure to shake the bottle of 1000 mg CBD oil well before using.
  • You can add our 1000 mg CBD oil to any of your favorite foods or healthy drinks. Everyone reacts differently to the suggested use, so you are welcome to increase or reduce the amount of CBD oil that you take as you feel appropriate.


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